Mobile Painting Parties

We take our Painting Parties “on the road” for groups of 12 to 300 people!  Invite us to your favorite restaurant party room, clubhouse, winery, office or other venue in Delaware, Maryland or Pennsylvania.

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Complete the Event Request Form or contact us at [email protected] and plan your painting event today!

Click here if you are interested in becoming a Painting Venue.

Our basic requirements include:

  • Tables and chairs
  • Adequate lighting
  • Access to water – for filling water cups and cleaning paint brushes when we are done
  • A dedicated garbage can – lined so that we can clean up and discard paint palettes
  • Table or bar service for painters
  • Light music is a great addition!

We bring table cover, aprons, paper towels, canvas, easels, paint brushes, paint and all other painting related supplies.