How Much Does It Cost?

Canvas Painting Event:

Canvas size may vary based on design – 16×20, 12×12 or 11×14

Prices may vary based on venue, location and extras.

  • 2 hour class: $40-45 per guest
  • 3 hour class: $45-55 per guest

Specialty Event:

  • Pet Portraits:  $50 per guest
  • Slate Painting: $45-55 per guest
  • Wood Painting: Based on size and design

Glass Painting Event:

2 hour class:  $40 per guest when one standard glass size is offered.

Some designs may be offered on 2 glass sizes:

  • 10.25 oz. glass:  $40 per person
  • 18.25 oz. glass:  $45 per person
  • 16 oz draft beer:  $40 per person

KiDs Birthday Party Package:

Base party is $300 for up to 12 kids.  Packages vary by venue.  Please refer to KiDs Birthday Parties for cost by venue.


Per person price is based on the goals of the organization.  Pricing generally starts at $40 per guest with a minimum of 12 people.  Discounts and promotions are not available for fundraisers.

Larger donations will be offered based on greater attendance.  Click here for more information.

Payment for all party types is due prior to the event.